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Maulana Atta-ul Rahman Rizvi at Gulistan-e-Muhaddith-e-Azam Pakistan on August 25, 2006

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Uploaded: 17 August 2011
Duration: 18Minutes 23Second
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Description: This is a speech that was delivered by Maulana Muhammad Atta-ul Rahman Rizvi at the 45th Annual 'Urs' of Imam-e-Azam {RA} & Muhaddis-e-Azam {RA} at Gulistan-e-Muhaddis-e-Azam in Faisalabad on August 25, 2006. ----------------------------------------- Muhaddis-e-Azam Foundation held the 50th Annual 'Urs on July 2 & 3 2011. It was presided over by the eldest son and Successor of the Grand Muhaddith, a living example of the manifestations of the Spiritual Lights, Shaykhul Mashaaikh, Sahibzada Abu al-Faiz Qazi Muhammad Fazal-e-Rasool Haider Rizvi {HF}. This years Conference was a special tribute to Muhaddith-e-Azam Pakistan Allaamah Abu al-Fazal Muhammad Sardar Ahmad Al Qadri Chishti's [Ilayhir Rahmah] and his successor's great accomplishments in providing seekers of the knowledge of Traditional Islam with an intellectual, moral and pious atmosphere for over half a century, Mashaa Allaah. The guest of honor was the Prince of Muhaddis-e-Azam, Qaid-e-Ahle Sunnat, Sahibzada Haji Muhammad Fazal-e-Karim Rizvi Notable students of Muhaddith-e-Azam who were honored by the Foundation in this years published 'Jashn-e-Muhaddis-e-Azam' Conference Program [Magazine]: 1. Muffassir-e-Azam Hind, Maulana Ibrahim Raza Khan Barailwi {RA} 2. Makhdoom-e-Millat, Allaamah Sibtain Raza Khan Barailwi {RA} 3. Ustazul Ulamaa, Allaamah Tehseen Raza Khan Barailwi {RA} 4. Rehan-e-Millat, Allaamah Rehan Raza Khan Barailwi {RA} 5. Shaarih-e-Bukhari, Mufti Shareef ul Haqq Amjadi {RA} 6. Mufassir-e-Quran, Shaarih-e-Bukhari, Shaykhul Hadith Allaamah Ghulam Rasool Rizvi {RA} 7. Ustazul Ulamaa, Allaamah Abdul Mustapha Azmi {RA} 8. Ustazul Ulamaa, Allaamah Ghulam Asi Piya {RA} 9. Ustazul Ulamaa, Hafizul Hadith Allaamah Syed Jalal Uddin Shah {RA} 10. Ustazul Ulamaa, Allaamah Muhammad Abdul Rashid Rizvi Jhangwi {RA} 11. Ustazul Ulamaa, Pir Muhammad Faazil Naqshbandi Dhangri {RA} 12. Mufti Mujeeb ul Islam Naseem Azmi {RA} 13. Mufti Azam, Allaamah Mufti Muhammad Waqar Uddin Qadri Rizvi {RA} 14. Shamsul Ulamaa, Mufti Muhammad Nizam Uddin Suhsrami {RA} 15. Sher-e-Ahle-Sunnat, Maulana Muhammad Anayatul Laah Qadri {RA} 16. Ustazul Ulamaa, Maulana Muhammad Nawaz Naqshbandi {RA} 17. Abu Al Shah Allaamah Abdul Qadir Ahmadabadi {RA} 18. Allaamah Maulana Moin Uddin Shafie {RA} 19. Behrul Uloom, Shaykhul Hadith Mufti Mukhtar Ahmad Diyalghari {RA} 20. Allaamah Abdul Mustapha Al Azhari {RA} 21. Mujahid-e-Millat, Maulana Al Haaj, Abu Dawud Muhammad Sadiq Qadri Rizvi {HF} 22. Ustazul Asaatezah, Allaamah Mufti Muhammad Abdul Qayyoom Hazarvi {RA} 23. Aalimi Muballigh, Maulana Muhammad Ibrahim Khushtar Siddiqui {RA} 24. Aashiq-e-Madinah, Hafiz Muhammad Ehsan ul Haqq Qadri Rizvi {RA} 25. Allaamah Mufti Muhammad Amin Naqshbandi Qadri {HF} 26. Allaamah Mufti Muhammad Hussain Qadri Sukkarvi {RA} 27. Faiz-e-Millat, Ustazul Ulamaa, Allaamah Faiz Ahmad Owaisi {RA} 28. Fakhrul Mudarr-e-seen, Maulana Allaamah Abu al Fath Muhammad Allaah Bakhsh {RA} 29. Razi-e-Doran, Shaykhul Quran wal Hadith, Allaamah Syed Muhammad Zubair Shah {RA} 30. Mufassir-e-Quran, Mufti Muhammad Riaz Uddin {RA} 31. Shaykhul Mudarr-e-seen, Allaamah Muhammad Manzur Ahmad {RA} 32. Ustazul Ulamaa, Shaykhul Hadith, Allaamah Muhammad Shareef Rizvi {HF} 33. Faqih-e-Zaman, Mufti Muhammad Nawab Uddin {RA} 34. Ustazul Ulamaa, Sahibzada Aziz Ahmad {RA} 35. Shaykhul Fiqh, Maulana Muhammad Shamsul Zaman Qadri {RA} 36. Shaykhul Hadith, Allaamah Syed Muhammad Abdul-Laah Shah {RA} 37. Muffakir-e-Islam, Allaamah Syed Zahid Hussain Shah Rizvi - U.K. {HF} 38. Shaykhul Hadith, Allaamah Muhammad Nasrul-Laah Khan Afghani {HF} 39. Shaykhul Hadith, Allaamah Syed Haseen Uddin Shah {HF} 40. Khateeb-e-Pakistan, Maulana Syed Muhammad Yaqoob Shah Phaliyah {RA} 41. Shaykhul Hadith, Allaamah Muhammad Abdul Kareem Abdaalvi {RA} 42. Pir-e-Tariqat, Khwajah Abu Tahir Muhammad Naqshband Siddiqui {RA} 43. Ustazul Ulamaa, Maulana Syed Yaqoob Shah Gujrati {RA} 44. Khateeb-e-Pakistan, Maulana Muhammad Bashir Ahmad Rizvi Saihwal {RA} 45. Muhaqiq-e-Ahle Sunnat, Allaamah Muhammad Jalal Uddin Qadri Kahriyan {RA} 46. Allaamah Maulana Sahibzada Abdul Wahab Siddiqui - U.K. {RA} ['Urs - The word 'Urs {wedding/Shaadi} is used to signify the day that the righteous servant who is being honored meets his Master Sayidinaa Muhammad Mustaphaa {Alayhis Salaatu was Salaam} and is closer to his meeting with the Creator- Allaah {Subhaana wa Ta'aalaa}. It is used to symbolize the happiness expressed by the righteous servant upon his/her death for they are looking forward to the hereafter. It is a gathering/conference held in remembrance of the individual [s] noble character while honoring their commitment and contribution in spreading the beautiful religion of Islam]
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