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Hwangjini | 황진이   Ep.9 Hwangjini | 황진이 Ep.9
13 November 2015 KBS World TV
Ep.9: Jini hands the hair tie to Kim. When Kim tries to receive it, Eunho jumps inside, saying that he shouldn't. Right then, Baekmu is there with a sword.

Hwangjini | 황진이   Ep.10 Hwangjini | 황진이 Ep.10
13 November 2015 KBS World TV
Ep.10: One late night, Jini is drunk and is walking with a liquor bottle in her hand. She is in her undergarments and her hair is undone. The day was the fourth ...

Hwangjini | 황진이   Ep.11 Hwangjini | 황진이 Ep.11
20 November 2015 KBS World TV
Ep.11: Jini invites the risk of death by throwing the poem that Ming envoy Jangmyeong wrote into the furnace. But she restores herself with her intelligence.

Hwangjini | 황진이   Ep.12 Hwangjini | 황진이 Ep.12
20 November 2015 KBS World TV
Ep.12: Kim Jeonghan cannot sleep when he thinks of Jini in the bedroom of Byeokgyesu. Buyong prepares a table in her home and invites Kim Jeonghan, but ...

Hwangjini | 황진이   Ep.13 Hwangjini | 황진이 Ep.13
27 November 2015 KBS World TV
Ep.13: Kim Jeonghan is knocked unconscious, trying to protect Jini from the falling beam. Learning that it was intentional, Baekmu corners the courtesans.

Hwangjini | 황진이   Ep.16 Hwangjini | 황진이 Ep.16
04 December 2015 KBS World TV
Ep.16: Jini gets closer to Mumyeong intentionally when she sees Kim Jeonghan approaches. He freezes and turns his back.

Hwangjini | 황진이   Ep.8 Hwangjini | 황진이 Ep.8
06 November 2015 KBS World TV
Ep.8: At the appeal from Eunho who declared that he will marry Jini, Su says it will be considered and sends him home. When he leaves, Su orders that Jini shall ...

Hwangjini | 황진이   Ep.7 Hwangjini | 황진이 Ep.7
06 November 2015 KBS World TV
Ep.7: To keep her chastity for Eunho, Jini declares to Baekmu that she will become a water maid, instead of a courtesan. Baekmu accepts it and suggests a test ...

Hwangjini | 황진이   Ep.14 Hwangjini | 황진이 Ep.14
27 November 2015 KBS World TV
Ep.14: Jini is left alone on the stage due to Buyong's conspiracy. Jini overcomes it with her wit, but the dance fails. ------------------------------------------------ Subscribe ...

Hwangjini | 황진이   Ep.6 Hwangjini | 황진이 Ep.6
30 October 2015 KBS World TV
Ep.6: Eunho hands the token of eternal love to Jini, who cries the tears of joy. At home, Eunho declares his decision that throws back Cha.

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